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This site offers all natural remedies for humans.

Visit our sister site MollyMax for your pets’ needs.

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Our sister site MollyMax offers the same all natural products for your pets.

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Wendy’s Essential’s introduces Recovery Blends

Inspired by the daily stresses we live under, I have created 9 specialized essential oil blends formulated to target the pleasure center of the brain for balance and restoration. Your pathway to peace.

Please visit the product page for details.

Wendy’s Essentials has developed a line of all natural, aromatherapeutic remedies by using organic, pure essential oils. Our blends are derived from Mother Nature’s sources. They are intended for topical use only, to assist with healing.

We are dedicated to providing the purest and most effective formulas that are safe for your use as well as the environment. All of our products are made in the USA. Wendy’s Essentials proudly introduces FungalResQ; for the treatment of yeast and fungal infections, including resistant fingernail/toenail fungus and BurnResQ; for relief with burns caused by the sun, cooking, scalds, hairdressing tools, and chemicals. Please refer to the products page for more information.