Wendy Lazar

picture of Wendy

Professional Credentials

Wendy Lazar became a Master Aromatherapist Certified by Sylla Shephard-Hanger, Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and also Certified as a European Master Aromatherapist by Dr. Deitrich Gumbel in 1994.

She has followed the works and taken courses with many other great herbalists and aromatherapists of our time including Marc Blumenthal (American Botanical Society), Geraldine Whidden, Robert Tisserand, Doug Elliot, Jimm Harrison, Michael Scholes, Valerie Ann Worwood, Jean Valnet, Kurt Schnaubelt, Shirley Price and Jeannie Rose.

Personal Journey

My journey began as a 4th generation herbalist, having parents that were farmers, and being raised with a “hands on” approach to organic gardening. This laid the groundwork for my professional career.

Traveling and studying with Shaman, botanists, herbalists, doctors, and other healers, I pursued the study of naturopathic medicine. I proceeded to obtain licensure in Massage Therapy, and certifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, and many other modalities. I achieved certification as a Master Aromatherapist in 1994, utilizing essential oils for their healing properties.

I have counseled and taught individuals for more than 30 years in the methods of natural healing. My knowledge and experience led me to open my first holistic medical practice in 1994. I have had the great pleasure of utilizing my life’s education in assisting others with alternatives to and in harmony with mainstream medicine.

Inspired to create and produce a line of products that are safe, effective, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, I introduce Wendy’s Essentials aromatherapeutic blends.

I am available for consultation concerning your individual needs and offer the creation of personalized, specific remedies for your health and well being.

Amy Williams

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A valued family member of mine was a lifetime farmer in rural Iowa. I had many visits over the course of twenty years with her, as she was a superb teacher/mentor. Over the years, she taught me about organic farming, including how to plant, cultivate, and harvest. She was a big believer in the healing power of organic herbs, vegetables, and fruit. Of course, the land that the foods were grown in was key!! I received lessons on the environment and how we need to protect our soil, water, and air, as they all contribute to our health and well-being.

My teacher had an affinity for alternative medicine/remedies. She led me to researching and finding healers who incorporated these same beliefs. Wendy’s Essentials’ focus is to deliver a product that is gentle, non-stressful, and derived from Mother Nature’s sources. This remedy was created with these natural methods in mind.

We are excited to bring you the ResQ line, knowing you deserve a healthy alternative that is rich in therapeutic benefits.