Recovery Blends – 9 specialized essential oil blends

Recovery Blends

Essential oils inhaled or applied dermally, enter the blood stream and produce measurable pharmacological effects.

Inhaled, the oil passes through the olfactory neural pathway which allows access to the brain.

Various research studies demonstrate evidence that essential oils surpass the blood brain barrier influencing neurotransmitter activity.

Recovery Blends Variations

Release: For cravings

Assists in clearing neural receptors from negative patterns

Relief: Pain relief (joint, muscle, head)

Analgesic characteristics aide in alleviating discomfort

Serene: For irritability & frustration

This calming formula promotes composure

Comfort: For nausea

Aides in neutralizing acid related nausea

Clarity: For brain fog

Encourages cellular oxygenation and lucidity

Energy: For lethargy

Revitalizing blend designed to alleviate fatigue

Sweet Dreams: For insomnia

Promoting peaceful relaxation for sound sleep

Hope: For depressive moments

Encourages letting go of despair, old wounds and negative thoughts

Surrender: For prayer, meditation and spiritual revelation

Contemplate deep healing, freedom, emotional & spiritual balance


10 Ml Roll-on Instructions: Roll on a few drops to your wrists, neck or temples. Do not come into contact with eyes.

Nasal Inhaler Instructions: Insert inhaler into each nostril and breathe deeply for one or two inhalations.


All ingredients used to formulate Wendy’s Essentials and MollyMax products are 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic. All essential oils are extrapolated through means of steam distillation or cold pressed for the greatest purity available. The use of hexane solvent or any other harmful chemical is not acceptable in my professional practice of aromatherapy.

USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure Essential Oils are used in formulating Recovery Blends

Anise: Stimulates energy

Balsam: Comforting in stress & nervous tension

Basil: Soothes mental fatigue promoting clear thoughts

Benzoin: Anti-inflammatory properties

Bergamot: Uplifting, anti-anxiety

Black Pepper: Aides in cleansing the blood which reduces cravings

Cedar: Promotes spirituality, clarity, balancing

Chamomile: Relaxing, aides in stress related situations

Cinnamon: Calms nervous, depressive tension and fear

Clove: Respiratory tonic

Eucalyptus: Aides respiration, healing negative, exhausting conflicts

Frankincense: Mind soothing, uplifting the soul, used for deep breathing exercises

Geranium: Uplifting and grounding

Ginger: Aides in neutralizing stomach acid, promotes relief of nausea

Grapefruit: Helps decrease mucous build up, relaxing

Helichrysum: Used for stress related depressiveness and lethargy

Lavender: Calms restlessness, nervousness & anxiety

Lemon: Digestive, refreshing & relaxing

Lemongrass: Calms nervous exhaustion

Myrrh: Ancient spiritual oil used for anointing, supports respiratory health

Orange: Anti-Inflammatory properties

Peppermint: Used to relieve neuralgia, headache and mental fatigue

Petitgrain: Digestive, used for insomnia and nervous conditions

Pine: Increases circulation, alleviates nervous exhaustion

Rosemary: Promotes oxygen saturation, analgesic properties

Ylang Ylang: Calming, soothing for stress and anger related issues

Human Grade, Organic Ingredients
Made in the USA
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