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Testimonial feedback from our customers about BurnResQ

Fast relief from a bad sunburn

Dear Wendy’s Essentials;

I went to the beach recently and got quite the sunburn on my stomach. It was very red and extremely sore to the touch. I sprayed BurnResQ on 3 to 4 times a day to help soothe the pain.

It did great with relieving the pain, and the redness was almost gone after 4 days!

I love this product! I now keep it in my kitchen for when I get burned while cooking or by the oven. I recommend that everyone have a bottle on hand for these types of burns.

Rose G.

day 1 using BurnResQday 2 using BurnResQ
day 3 using BurnResQday 4 using BurnResQ

Industrial burn relief…

Peppermint is one of the many ingredients we use in our products.picture of aloe vera

Dear Wendy’s Essentials,

I am a small business owner of an aluminum fabrication shop. There are times when I need to put to use my own welding skills to get things done for customer deadlines. Recently, I had shorts on while welding and burned my legs and arms from the heat of the welding tool. I sprayed BurnResQ on the burns and got immediate relief. After 2 applications, the redness and pain was gone. WOW! What a great product you have here. I now keep a bottle by each welding area in my shop – a super find for any industrial business

I will be passing this product news on to others in my field.

Lantana, Florida