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Fingernail fungus – tried so many products…

Dear Wendy’s Essentials;

I am a woman who has suffered with fingernail fungus for many years. As such, I have pursued and received numerous medical opinions and diagnoses over the years, which have resulted in my using a variety of over-the-counter and medically prescribed products. For example; I used Pedinol, Nail Stat, Formula 3 Professional and Clarus. Unfortunately, even after months, in some cases, years, of continuous use, none of these products were successful in clearing up the fungus.

In May 2013, my nail technician asked if I would be interested in trying FungalResQ and provided a sample. I diligently applied to my fingernail fungus three to four times a day. I am elated to say that within four weeks the fungus was gone. And, I am thrilled that it is all natural and doesn’t contain chemicals. Please see the photos of my healing progress below.

Thank you for a great product that really works!

Plantation, Florida

days 1 and 3 using FungalResQday 7 using FungalResQ
day 10 using FungalResQday 31 using FungalResQ

Nail salon owner…

As the owner of a nail salon in South Florida, one of the problems that I see the most, is toenail fungus. I myself, had a fungal infection that I was treating topically for years. It would get better and then worse, depending on the many different anti- fungals and remedies that I tried.

After using Wendy’s Essentials Fungal ResQ, my fungus is completely gone. I am amazed that my toenail has grown back normally. I’m looking forward to sharing my success with my clients, who will be just as happy as I am to see their fungal infections cured.


Boca Raton, Florida

Cure itchy rash on my foot…

Upon returning home from a vacation in the British Virgin Islands, I noticed a strong, itchy sensation on the bottom of one of my feet. It’s hard to see the bottom of your foot up close, but I could see that I had small, red bumps just below the ball of my foot.

A friend of mine had used Fungal ResQ for nail fungus and told me about how she was able to get rid of her fungus using this product. So, I applied Fungal ResQ to the area that I was constantly scratching, and in 4 days, it was gone. It has never returned! I was so pleased to use something that was all natural to remedy my itchy foot. Thank you so much for a product that really works! I will recommend this to others that suffer with fungal issues.